Landscape & Paver Edging




SEK-Surebond, the leading manufacturer of high quality hardscape & landscape accessory products, is offering some of its landscape and paver edging solutions online to meet growing demand.  SEK-Surebond provides strong, long lasting and easy to use edging for both the homeowner and contractor.  If you are interested in other edge restraints (Snap Edge & Low Profile) offered by SEK-Surebond but not sold online at our store, please give us a call at 800-932-3343 and we will help you find a distributor.

Barrier Edge Restraint creates a permanent barrier between different landscape materials.  It is easy to install and gives professional results.  It can be used as a landscape edging or paver edge restraint.  Convenient, single piece design can be used for straight runs, sweeping curves or tight bends.  Designed for both homeowner and contractor in mind.

Perm Edge Permeable Paver Edge Restraint is sold here in a convenient job sized quantity.  It is a spikeless PICP edge restraint that holds permeable pavers firmly and permanently in place.  It comes fully assembled with the Geogrid anchor permanently attached to the Snap Edge Paver Restraint.

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